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Please contact Marian Azdril if you are interested in earning community service for helping us produce our shows. We are presently looking for helpers for our summer session.  It is helpful if you have been in a Showstoppers  or a school or community production. If you are not known by us, be prepared to provide a reference (someone who can attest to your character and work ethic.) Also make sure you have time to commit to our show’s schedule. Look at the rehearsal and show schedules and add 15 minutes before and at least 15 minutes after to get an idea of when you may be needed. Your main focus is supervising small groups of actors to go over songs, dances and lines. Now and then there will be time to play theatre games, take snack or lunch break. Your job is to keep an eye on all the cast members. Volunteers should be 15 or over. A few jobs, such as costumes and prop or set building are sometimes done outside this time frame. Please note that box office and house manager jobs are done by adults.

Please contact your school liaison first to be sure that our program qualifies.

To set up an interview, please call (805) 699-6077, or email sbshowstoppers@gmail.com and leave your name and phone number.
Showstoppers tries not make arrangements  for volunteer work through parents. Students need to make the phone call or email,  follow through with the agreed work, keep track of their hours,  fill in the paperwork and have it signed off on their own. (note to parents: Please allow your child to do this legwork! It is part of the experience. Thanks, in advance.)



  • Measure actors. Pull costumes for show.
  • Build new, and alter existing garments.
  • Keep lists. Help with try-on and labeling.
  • Organize, fold and hang.
  • Help actors with quick changes during the dress rehearsals and performances
  • Make fast repairs during the show.
  • After show help organize, launder, and put away costumes.


  • Set building and painting,
  • Prop collection and construction.
  • Help strike the set.


  • Take headshots.
  • Gather and edit bios.
  • Put together program on computer.
  • Help print and fold, or supervise students.

PUBLICITY (2 people, at start of production)

  • Help create logo for poster
  • Create a poster
  • Write and email PSAs to radio and TV stations.
  • Ask local magazines and papers to do a story about us and the show.
  • Make sure all online and print calendars have our show information.
  • Hang posters in public places (list provided).

MAKE-UP & HAIR CREW (Two to four people)

  • Arrive at call time on dress rehearsal and show days.
  • Make-up  will be supplied.
  • Apply blush and lipstick.
  • Actors are asked to arrive with eye make up already applied.
  • Help actors comb hair neatly, and in some cases tie back and apply gel.
  • Bobby pins, hair bands and other items will be supplied.
  • You may save 2 seats for the performance you are helping with; check in with House Manager for “saved seat signs.”

HOUSE MANAGER (One person)

  • Start one hour before show.
  • Maintain a list of volunteers working each show.
  • If needed assign reserved seat signs.
  • Make sure the house stays empty until show time.
  • Post volunteers at doors if needed.
  • Post sign work. (no food, turn off cell phones, crying babies, show is being recorded this evening)
  • Make sure there are no saved seats. Exception is for those people currently working.
  • Make sure those needing special assistance are cared for Wheel chairs, canes/crutches and elderly may sit in the lobby and be seated first.
  • Stay on duty throughout show, or designate one usher to do so.
  • Collect tickets from late comers, or ask them to purchase a ticket at intermission.
  • Ask people to step outside if…
  • They are talking, behaving inappropriately or have a crying baby.


  • Start one hour before show.
  • Maintain director’s guest list*.
  • Maintain parent check-off list for comp tickets.*
  • Make sure cast advance tickets are collected.*
  • Sell tickets and provide “Will Call” services until show begins.
  • You may save 2 seats for the performance you are helping with.
  • Check in with House Manager for “saved seat signs.”
  • * Directors should provide these lists.

USHERS (two per show. Should be 13 or older.)

  • Help house manager, who will assign you to
  • Be a runner for house manager or ticket booth
  • Pass out programs
  • Take tickets @ the door
  • Remain on duty throughout the show to help House Manager.


  • Set up a table at intermission to sell donated baked goods and water.
  • Help sell at intermission
  • Clean up and/or return after show to be sure trash is emptied and everything is put away.



  • We gladly accept donations of “vintage” , unusual clothing, costumes, dance shoes, hats (and boxes) accessories of all kinds, fabric, trims and sewing notions.

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