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How can children and teens audition for shows?

ShowStoppers does not require an audition for roles in advance. ShowStoppers is a learning experience and any child or teen who wishes to be in a show should be able to do so. During the first week (or two) everyone learns the songs and has an opportunity to read book scenes. The director then casts the show.

How can parents get involved?

Parents can help Showstoppers with make-up and hair for the fall and spring productions; we have teen volunteers for summer. Parents usually sell and take tickets, run the concession stand at intermission. They also bake, and or donate baked good, and water. For other suggestions, please see the Volunteer page.

I have a very interested 5 year old. Is that too young?

Our Jr. ShowStoppers session is just right for you child. Our wonderful instructor will work with a small group of children under 7, then blend the group into the current show. Email or call for more details.

Does Showstoppers give acting lessons?

ShowStoppers does productions as a way of teaching acting, singing and dance. The participants learn by doing and watching others. We believe it is a practical approach to developing theatre skills.

I would like to do a show, but I know I’m going to have to miss a few rehearsals. What should I do?

Thanks for being up front and letting us know you have conflicts. We will try to be flexible and work around you, but be aware that the other cast members need to rehearse their scenes. We may have to cast you in a smaller part, or a part that has limited scenes with other characters.

How many complimentary tickets do parents get?

Generally parents are given 2 tickets per show for after school and summer sessions. For the the summer youth theater production parents get 2 tickets for opening night, and discounted tickets for the remainder of the run.

If cast members get tickets to both shows can grandparents go instead if the parents have another obligation to attend to?

Grand parents, care-givers or siblings are welcome to use the tickets in place of parents.

Do we need stage make-up for performances?

You do not have to buy special products.
Lipstick should be medium shades of rose or dark pink (blue tones are best), matte finish, never shiny, metallic or pearl.
Please no glitter make-up!
Blush , medium (not too dark,) on the apple of the cheek only
Eyeliner & mascara to emphasize eyes, especially of actor is fair or blond
Brown or gray eye shadow on lid only
Do not share eye make-up!

What age should a person be to do ShowStoppers?

Some sessions are geared towards certain age groups, but generally a mix of ages are needed to fufill the requirements of the show.
You can start ShowStoppers when you are 7 or old enough to stay focused for 2 hours. You can be in shows as long as you are in your teens.
There are three summer sessions for various age groups.

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    Hello, Susan
    Sorry for the confusion, I am out of wifi and cel range right now. I hope the calendar is now adjusted to read Tuesday and Thursday rehearsals! Spring will be the same schedule.

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