Past Productions

2023 Pirates of Penzance ( After School Session)

2022 Showstoppin’ Melodrama, Cowboy Songs & Poetry (After School)

2022 Princess Whatshername (Summer Theatre)

2021 Suessical Jr (Summer Theatre)

2020 Pirates of Penzance ( After School Session Closed due to COVID)

2019 Midsummer Night’s Dream ( After School Session)

2019 Little Shop of Horrors (Summer Teen Ensemble)

2019 Disney’s Frozen Jr ( Summer Theatre)

2019 Gilbert and Sullivan’s  The Mikado ( After School Session)

2018 Charlotte’s Web (After School Session)

2018 Little Women, the Musical ( Summer Teen Ensemble) 

2018 Disney’s Beauty & the Beast, Jr (Summer Theatre & Jr Showstoppers)

2018 Gilbert & Sullivan’s The Gondoliers (After School Session)

2017 Bah Humbug! (After School Session)

2017 Sweeney Todd (Summer Youth Theatre)

2017 Disney’s Little Mermaid (Summer Theatre & Jr Showstoppers)

2017 Iolanthe (After School Session)

2016 Reach For The Magic / Holiday Magic (After School Session)

2016 Anything Goes (Summer Teen Ensemble)

2016 Pirates of Penzance (Summer Theatre)

2016 Ruddigore (After School Session)

2015 Frankenstein’s Follies (After School Session)

2015 Once On This Island (Summer Youth Ensemble)

2015 Mississippi Mud (Summer Theatre)

2015 Gilbert & Sullivan’s Princess Ida  (After School Session)

2014 Midsummer Night’s Dream (After School Session)

2014 Into The Woods (Summer Youth Ensemble) 

2014 The True Story of Snow White (Summer Theatre)

2014  The Mikado (After School Session)

2013 Charlotte’s Web (After School Session)

2013 Sweeney Todd (Summer Youth Ensemble) 

2013 Foiled Again! (2 casts) (Summer Theater)

2012 Gilbert & Sullivan’s The Sorcerer (After School Session)

2012 Share the Spirit (After School Session)

2012 Pistol Packin’ Sal (After School Session)

2012 Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (Summer Youth Ensemble )

2012 Star Spangled Vaudeville Show (Summer Theater)

2012 Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (Summer Theater)

2012 Pirates of Penzance (After School Session)

2011 How To Eat Like A Child (After School Session)

2011 Fiddler On The Roof (Summer Youth Ensemble )

2011 Disney’s Beauty & The Beast, Jr. (Summer Theatre 2 sessions)

2011 Gilbert and Sullivan’s The Gondoliers (After School Session)

2010 Broadway  Bound (After School Session)

2010 Children of Eden (Summer Youth Ensemble)

2010 We’re Going Greek! (Summer Theatre 2 sessions)

2010 Rumble in the Rain Forest /Mask Making

2010 Gilbert and Sullivan’s The Mikado (After School Session)

2009 A Musical Christmas Carol (After School Session)

2009 Frankenstein’s Follies (After School Session)

2009 Les Miserables, School Edition (Summer Youth Ensemble )

2009 Mississippi Mud (Summer Theatre 2 sessions)

2009 HMS Pinafore (After School Session & Jr Showstoppers Session)

2008 Joseph Kids Chorus @ The Granada (Special Session)

2008 Season’s Greetings (After School Session)

2008 Reach For The Magic (Jr.Showstoppers)

2008 How To Eat Like A Child (After School Session)

2008 Little Women  (Summer Youth Ensemble)

2008 Once On This Island, Jr ( Summer Theatre 2 sessions)

2008 The Sorcerer (After School Session)

2007 Midsummer Nights Dream (After School Session)

2007 The Hot Mikado (Summer Youth Ensemble)

2007 Seussical, Jr  (Summer Theatre)

2007 That’s Entertainment (After School Session)

2007 Princess Ida (After School Session & Jr Showstoppers Session)

2006 True Tales of the Wild West (After School Session)

2006 Crazy For You (Summer Youth Ensemble)

2006 Charlie & the Chocolate Factory (Summer Theatre)

2006 Summer Theatre Workshop (Summer Theatre)

2006 Radio KIDS (After School Session)

2006 G&S Pirates of Penzance (After School Session)

2005 Scrooge (After School Session)

2005 Broadway Bound (After School Session)

2005 World’s Funniest Fairy Tales (Summer Theatre)

2005 Once On This Island (Summer Youth Ensemble)

2005 Gilbert & Sullivan’s Utopia Limited (After School Session)

2004 Holiday Magic, Winter Tour (After School Session)

2004 Stars & Stripes Comedy Hour (Summer Theatre)

2004 Mississippi Mud (Summer Theatre)

2004 Seussical (Summer Youth Ensemble)

2004 Gilbert & Sullivan’s Ruddigore (After School Session)

2003 Forever Christmas (After School Session)

2003 Fall Acting Workshop (After School Session)

2003 How To Eat Like A Child (Summer Theatre)

2003 Me and My Girl  (Summer Youth Ensemble)

2003 Pirates In The Harbor Fiesta  (Summer Theatre)

2003 That’s Entertainment Encore! (After School Session)

2003 Gilbert & Sullivan’s The Sorcerer (After School Session)

2002 Midsummer Night’s Dream (After School Session)

2002 Children of Eden (Summer Youth Ensemble)

2002 Goin’ Greek (Summer Theatre)

2002 This Is My Country (Summer Theatre)

2002 Headliners & Legends (After School Session)

2002 Gilbert & Sullivan’s The Gondoliers (After School Session)

2001 Winter Holiday (After School Session)

2001 Roy Rogers Tribute (Special Session)

2001 DraculaSpectacula (After School Session)

2001 Frog Prince Fantasy (Summer Theatre)

2001 Big River (Summer Youth Ensemble)

2001 It’s You In The Spotlight (After School Session)

2001 Gilbert & Sullivan’s The Mikado (After School Session)

2000 Scrooge (After School Session)

2000 Family Album (workshop) (After School Session)

2000 Reach for the Magic (After School Session)

2000 Funny Life  (Summer Theatre)

2000 Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (Summer Youth Ensemble)

2000 Songs of the Century (Summer Theatre)

2000 A Sixties Revue (After School Session)

2000 Gilbert & Sullivan’s HMS Pinafore (After School Session)

1999 First Night Celebration Chorus (Special Session)

1999 Leave a Legacy Chorus (Special Session)

1999 How To Eat Like A Child  (After School Session)

1999 Happily Ever After  (Summer Theatre)

1999 Celebrate America (Summer Theatre)

1999 Into The Woods, Jr. (Youth Ensemble Production)

1999 Swinging in the Forties (After School Session)

1999 Gilbert & Sullivan’s Pirates of Penzance  (After School Session)

1998 Season’s Greetings  (After School Session)

1998 Santa Barbara Jazz Festival Choir (Special Session)

1998 Midsummer Night’s Dream (After School Session)

1998 The Wizard of Oz (Summer Theatre)

1998 Roaring 20s Vaudeville Show (Summer Theatre)

1998 Rock’n’ Roll That’s Entertainment  (After School Session)

1998 Gilbert & Sullivan’s The Sorcerer (After School Session)

1997 Season’s Greetings  (After School Session)

1997 The Wild West Show  (After School Session)

1997 Mississippi Mud (Summer Theatre)

1997 Latest & Greatest Vaudeville Show (Summer Theatre)

1997 That’s Entertainment Broadway Revue (After School Session)

1997 Gilbert & Sullivan’s Ruddigore (After School Session)

1996 Season’s Greetings (After School Session)

1996 Kid’s Country (After School Session)

1996 Reach for the Magic  (After School Session)

1996 It’s Greek to Me (Summer Theatre)

1996 The All American Vaudeville Show (Summer Theatre)

1996 That’s Entertainment (After School Session)

1996 Gilbert & Sullivan’s Princess Ida (After School Session)

1995 How To Eat Like a Child (After School Session)

1995 Frantic Fairy Tale Follies (Summer Theatre)

1995 Showstoppin’ Vaudeville Show (Summer Theatre)

1995 That’s Entertainment (After School Session)

1995 Gilbert & Sullivan’s Iolanthe  (After School Session)

1994 Holiday Revue (After School Session)

1994 Wanna Play?! (After School Session)

1994 Reach for the Magic (After School Session)

1994 Dr. Suess On The Loose (Summer Theatre)

1994 Yankee Doodle Revue (Summer Theatre)

1994 Theatre Cats  (Jr. ShowStoppers)

1994 That’s Entertainment (After School Session)

1994 The Wild West Show (After School Session)

1993 Season’s Greetings (After School Session)

1993 Reach for the Magic (After School Session)

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