After School Sessions


2018 After-School

Charlotte’s Web


November 9 and 10, 2018

La Colina Jr High

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Our play is a musical version of EB White’s classic story of a small spider who befriends Wilber, a pig. Farmer Arable allows his daughter, Fern to raise Wilber, the runt of a litter of pigs. When Fern becomes too attached to the baby pig the family decides to send Wilber to a neighboring farm to be raised and sold. There, Wilber is alone, but he is befriended by the other animals who live in the barn. They tell him the awful truth, that he will be sold for bacon.  Charlotte, a small spider, with the help of Templeton, a rat figure out how to help Wilbur with some interesting words spun into a web by Charlotte.  Wilber is soon on his way to the Fair, where Farmer Arable hope he will win a prize!


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