After School


Come and see a lovely, family friendly show performed by youth and children ages 9 to 13. Set to the amazing music of Gilbert & Sullivan, the story of Iolanthe is full of comic twists and turns. Iolanthe, a fairy has offended the Fairy World by marrying a mortal. The Fairy queen banished her, never knowing that Iolanthe has a son, Strephon, who is now grown up and a shepherd. He is half fairy, and in love with Phyllis, a shepherdess, who is the ward of the Lord Chancellor. Because of her beauty and charm, she has caught the eyes of many members of the House of Peers. They want to claim her in marriage! Meanwhile the Lord Chancellor want to marry Phyllis himself! And now the fun begins!


April 7 at 7 PM

Saturday April 8 at 10 AM

La Colina Jr High 4025 Foothill Road, Santa Barbara CA

Tickets are $12 at the door, Youth and Children 13 & under are free

Advance tickets are $10 online

For more information please email or call (805) 314-1221