After School

Spring  2020

Gilbert & Sullivan’s

Pirates of Penzance

Tuesdays & Thursdays 4 to 6 PM @ La Colina Jr High

Rehearsals start January 28, 2020

Students 7 to 14

Tuition $550

Pirates of Penzance is a comic operetta, full of high energy songs, humor, and crazy plot twists.  A band of pirates celebrates the 21st birthday of their apprentice, Fredric. Today he is out of his indentures. He tells them that he will leave them, as they are miserable at their trade. They are too soft and they are never successful at taking any bounty. Fredric bids them farewell and immediately finds a bevy of beautiful young ladies. He falls in love with one of them. They are wards of the Major General.  As they frolic on the beach they are surrounded by the pirates, who hope to marry them! Just then the Major General arrives and proceeds to trick the pirates into releasing the girls. Fredric and Mabel plan to marry, but the Pirate King commands Fredric to rejoin the pirates! It turns out that Fredric was born on Leap Year, and he is only 5 years old! There is much more to the tale, but we shall tell you in song, so come and see the show on April 3 and 4, 2020.

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